Johnson Guitars FX-700 Chromatic Tuner
Johnson Guitars FX-700 Chromatic Tuner

FX-700 Chromatic Tuner, Accordatore from Johnson Guitars.

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Fireguy8402 19/11/2011

Johnson Guitars FX-700 Chromatic Tuner : Recensione di Fireguy8402 (content in English)

"Waste of Money! Run!"

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The Johnson FX700 is a deceptive tuner. It appears to be a quality tuner based on the outward appearance, but the strength of the housing is the best thing this pedal tuner has going for it. I picked this pedal up used, not knowing much about Johnson pedals and I’m sorry I did. The pedal I have will accurately tune your guitar to itself, but the calibration is slightly off so it’s not true to pitch. There is no calibration setting on this pedal so basically the pedal becomes useless. Maybe this is just my pedal, or maybe it’s like that with the whole line, I am not sure. I have yet to try another one of these pedals, and frankly I don’t care to. I can tune my guitar and then put it against my other tuners or keyboard and it is noticeably out of tune. A Boss TU-2 can be picked up used for the same price as this pedal new and would serve you much better. The housing is meant to copy the Boss style enclosure only slightly longer. It is rather strong, so this useless tuner will probably be around for awhile. This pedal has a light for sharp, flat, and in tune, and the name of the note you are shooting for. It can be powered by a 9 volt batter or additional power supply. The jacks are metal but cheap, but the switching mechanism seemed strong for the little time I did use it. There are no LED indicators to let you know how far out of tune you are, so you don’t know if you’re even close to the ballpark until you are right on. There are no other modes, or flat settings to use like most other tuners have and this pedal does not support powering other pedals like the Boss and Korg pedal tuners. The pedal does have two outs, one regular out and one for bypass. Honestly I would not ever suggest anyone to get this tuner, instead I would suggest a Boss tuner because they are little tanks and work good with added options, or my personal favorite, the Korg Pitchblack.