Fender RT-1000 rack tuner
Fender RT-1000 rack tuner

RT-1000 rack tuner, Accordatore from Fender.

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Audiofanzine FR 12/12/2008

Fender RT-1000 rack tuner : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by llabe/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- How long have you been using it?

About four years. I use it with a Digitech Valve FX and it has a totally linear response. It finds the note very quickly and it looks nice. Its LEDs are powerful and they have a beautiful blue color. I also like it because it's eye catching :-) .

The Valve FX has a very powerful tuner indeed but it's not easy to read (bright lighting environments and too small LCD). The Fender tuner comes in very handy since it allows me to tune very quickly when I play live on stage.

- Which feature do you like best?

Effective, easy to read in every environment, looks.

- Which feature do you like least?


- How would you rate its value for money?

I don't know its price since I exchanged it for a Boss unit. But I recommend it if you don't want to damage your eyes using the tuner function of your effects processor.

- Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?

For sure.