Behringer SHARK DSP110
Behringer SHARK DSP110
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JeffTadashi 05/07/2012

Behringer SHARK DSP110 : Recensione di JeffTadashi (content in English)

"Feedback eliminator a bit disappointing"

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The Behringer Shark DSP110 is a unique multi-fx and anti-feedback unit that is designed to be used with live PA systems. It features an ultra low-noise Mic/Line input stage with Gain control (and +48 V phantom power), automatic feedback destroyer with an auto-learn function, a delay line adjustable by time or distance, adjustable noise gate, super-musical compressor with controllable density, conversions from line level to mic level, subsonic filter and cutoff, and more.

The Behringer Sharp DSP110 has both 1/4 inch and XLR inputs and outputs, so it can be used in a variety of setups and applications. You can insert it directly into a mic signal to reduce feedback from that single mic, or put the unit through the line-level PA system, to use some of the other features on the overall PA sound. The box is nice and small, but for some applications, it would be nice to have the unit in a standard one-space rack mount. Clearly, you can rack-mount this unit with additional hardware, however.

The main reason I bought this unit was for the feedback elimination, and overall, feedback eliminating units are just not as good as you may think. The DSP100 has 12 available narrow-band filters that can be activated to reduce feedback, and the unit automatically detects what frequencies are problem frequencies. You can even set up the unit to produce an inputs sound through your PA, and it will detect the problem frequencies before you even begin to use the microphones. However, in many cases, the unit will detect too many frequencies, and it will affect the overall sound greatly. It is not transparent whatsoever, and it was a bit disappointing to hear some of the results.

Overall, this is a multi-functional unit that can be useful in the right lights, especially if you need the compressor, low-cut, and delay. But don't expect the feedback eliminator to perform miracles.