Mesa Boogie Stiletto 4x12 Traditional Slant
Mesa Boogie Stiletto 4x12 Traditional Slant

Stiletto 4x12 Traditional Slant, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Mesa Boogie in the Stiletto series.

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glassjaw7 21/03/2011

Mesa Boogie Stiletto 4x12 Traditional Slant : Recensione di glassjaw7 (content in English)

"The perfect cab! Sounds amazing and solid as a rock!"

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I do not own this guitar cab, but I have used it live often and recorded with it.

The Stiletto Traditional slant 412 cab is crafted using marine grade baltic birch. Its dimensions are
30 1/4" high, 29 7/8" wide, and 14 1/4" deep (slanted top section is 11 1/2" deep)

The cab has high quality casters that can be slid in or out from the front.
The Stiletto cab is wired at 8 ohms mono/ 4 ohms stereo. It is loaded with 4 English made Celestion Vintage 30s (specially made for Mesa) and the cab is rated at 240 watts.

It has a rear-loaded, closed back design.
This is the best cab I've ever used. The cab's dimensions and construction are perfect for a tight response with no sag or boomy, flabby bass in the low end, and the sound fills the room evenly. The V30s never sound harsh in this cab, which they do in many others.

Mesa amps especially sound phenomenal through this cabinet. The Mark IV I recorded through this cab was one of the most impressive tones I've ever heard. My Dual Rectifier also sounds amazing through this cab. Ironically, my rectifier sounds much better through this cab than through a rectifier 212 or 412. The Mesa rectifier cabs are great; well built cabs and use the same speakers, but they are built bigger and therefore create a boomy low end and a top end with sizzle and scooped out mids. I prefer the more mid focused and tighter sound and response of the Stiletto Traditional cabs.

Not all amps sound great with Vintage 30s, but the cab itself and its measurements and build quality are second to none.

This is my favorite speaker cabinet and I would recommend it to most anyone for almost any style.