Vestax PMC-580 Pro
Vestax PMC-580 Pro

PMC-580 Pro, 4+ Channel Mixer from Vestax in the PMC series.

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content in English
Audiofanzine FR 07/11/2008

Vestax PMC-580 Pro : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by UraHellios/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

In a few words:
One effect per channel and the possibility to add them all up to the master effects.
Put into practice, master effects come after the channel effects in the signal path.
For example: If you use the tremolo master effect (sound fading in and out)
and a delay effect in one channel, the delay will only be audible when the master effect
fades in.
On the right side you can choose the reference time by pushing the buttons.
Once you choose the reference time (e.g. one beat), you can edit the multiplier ratio individually
on each channel and on the master.
That applies to all tempo-sync'd effects.
So you can actually have a 3/4-beat delay on channel 1, a 2-beat
loop on channel 2 and a 1/4-beat tremolo on the master.
(it's only an example, the result probably sounds like crap).
You can edit the crossfader curve as well as the curve of all 4 faders (one control for all four).
You can set the EQs to ISO (+10dB / cut), EQ (+/-12dB) and Off.
I'll give you a good advice: Read the documentation before you buy the mixer because it has lots of comprehensive functions which I cannot list here without forgetting a bunch of them.
Down to the point, regarding specs: highest mark


The manual is pretty clear. The mixer is very well thought out and can be set up in a few seconds.
They could have been less scrupulous on certain things
(handling of external effects and effects priority isn't clear enough for me)


Noise... yes, when the master is set to the maximum...
But your brain would probably blow up as soon as you start to hear noise because by then the output is absurdly powerful.
So there are no real problems with noise!
The EQs are perfect!
In ISO mode, they really isolate :o
I could hear slight residual frequencies when I cut the bass range with my
Nuo 5, but here I only hear mid and high frequencies.
Perhaps because of a different frequency band setting and a better cut.
Anyway, I like it and my neighbor too.
The overall sound is excellent (effects, EQs, etc.)


I hate:
That the loops lose sync too fast (it's subtle but
after 30 seconds the drums are doubled).
The master-effects button is so big
that it actually rubs against the mixer making everything a bit uncomfortable.
(you can easily solve this problem placing a piece of paper between the plastic part and the
metallic part, but it's quite embarrassing in this price range)
The FX return is routed to the master output only (I would love to be able to record the effects
I created too)
No fader start.
I love:
Everything else.

I tested a Nuo 5 and the Djm 400/600/800.
They are not so good.
With loops a bit more precise, a better FX return and a fader start function, it would be
absolutely perfect xD
It was less expensive than its far cousin Djm800 and I would buy it again without hesitation.