Avatar Speakers Traditional G212H Premier
Avatar Speakers Traditional G212H Premier

Traditional G212H Premier, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Avatar Speakers.

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nickname009 30/08/2011

Avatar Speakers Traditional G212H Premier : Recensione di nickname009 (content in English)


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I've owned two of these at two different times. One all black with black wheat grill and one black with a tan wheat grill. Both have been totally sturdy and completely reliable! Both also sounded great!

One of them had 2 vintage 30s loaded, the other had a mix of a G12-T75 and a vintage 30.

These cabs are well built, affordable and reliable. I can't say anything bad about these cabs, except maybe the font of the logo, which you can take off anyway but it might leave a mark cause it's glued on. Otherwise, the sound and projection is great! The overall projection is much like any marshall cab, with lots of accurate midrange present and plenty of both bass and treble, nothing is really enhanced like a recto cab would be. I wouldn't say it's a neutral sounding cab either, well most cabs aren't neutral sounding.

I've played many heads through this cab from an ampeg VH140C, to a mesa single rectifier, to an orange rockerverb, to a B-52 AT-100, to a VHT pitbull to a Roland Jazz Chorus head. Every amp was workable. Cabs with good speakers, in general almost always sound good with anything! I generally favor these traditional types, they to me sound the best! Not neutral but not enhanced in anyway, letting your head and your guitar and the rest of your rig develop the tone.

And for the price, I'm able to buy two of these for the price of a marshall or orange cab. Marshall cabs to me have a decent sound but aren't really worth writing home about. Orange cabs also sound great but I think you're really paying for the orange tolex and brand name. Cabs and cab building have always been pretty traditional with very slight differences in the way they're built, is it usually worth the price difference? I don't think so. Either way, your signal's going through an SM57 99% of the time anyway!