Korg nanoKEY
Korg nanoKEY

nanoKEY, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Korg belonging to the nanoKEY model.

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moosers 12/03/2011

Korg nanoKEY : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Korg NanoKey is a small USB based MIDI controller. It's perfect for bringing on the go and for getting quick ideas. The keyboard has 25 keys, all of which are mini and it's not a realistic feel for a keyboard instrument, feeling more like a computer keyboard than an instrument keyboard. This is definitely best suited for use with a laptop when it might not be possible or necessary to have a bigger MIDI controller. There isn't much that you need to know about getting the NanoKey up and running as it's a simple plug and play controller, although you probably have to install a drive on a PC. It doesn't really have any connections beyond the USB port, but in situations where you're going to be using this, that's really all you will need.


It's not at all hard to operate the Korg NanoKey controller. In addition to the 25 keys, it has octave up and down buttons, pitch up and down buttons for shifting, a modulation button and a CC mode which allows you to use the keys to control MIDI assignable controls for your parameters on your virtual instruments and the like. The keyboard itself certainly is not as smooth playing instrument, but again it's not meant to be used as a traditional instrument like that. It's really just meant to be an extension of your computer keyboard and to have a piano like keyboard that gives you quick access to notes for laying down simple MIDI parts or getting ideas down. I wouldn't expect this to replace your regular keyboard MIDI controller...


The Korg NanoKey is a unique product and is definitely one worth checking out if you think you might benefit from a mini, portable MIDI controller. It of course doesn't have the most options in the world or anything close to a realistic piano feel, but it does the job for getting a simple idea down or laying down other MIDI parts. It's cheap enough where it's probably worth picking up if you think you could use it as I can definitely see if being helpful on the go with your laptop. This isn't for everyone, but for those who might need it, it can be very helpful to have.