Akai MPK mini
Akai MPK mini

MPK mini, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Akai in the MPK series.

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polishdog90 26/08/2011

Akai MPK mini : Recensione di polishdog90 (content in English)

"Great mini midi controller"

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Number of Keys: 25 velocity-sensitive
Pads: 8 velocity-sensitive, light-up MPC-style pads x 2 banks
Knobs: 8 assignable controller pots
Computer Interface: USB/MIDI only
Programs: 4
Octaves: 9
Arpeggiator: Yes
Additional controls: Sustain, Tap-Tempo, CC
Dimensions: 6" x 13.6" x 1.2"
Weight: 2 lbs (shipping weight 2.5 lbs)

I really like this controller because it is small. It's small enough to fit in a computer bag and it's usb powered so you can really jam on it anywhere.


Using this product was really easy. I just plugged it into my mac, installed the drivers and it was good to go. The only thing that takes a little bit of setting up is using the pads. The pre-loaded notes didn't match up with the drum kits in reason so I had to manually change the notes so that I could have a more comfortable and usable drum/sample pad. The tap tempo and arpeggiator features both work very well and come in handy. The keys aren't weighted but if you get used to them you can utilize the velocity sensitive feature. The 8 assignable controller pots are useful too. They are the same situation as the pads, you have to set them up, but once you get them working they are really awesome. You can use them to add real time effects to your synth/instrument. I have some assigned to reverb, delay, modulation, phaser, etc. Using the knobs allows you to add any amount of those effects in real time so that you can improvise some pretty cool stuff live.


I really like this controller. It is perfect for a portable midi controller. Weighted keys, more keys, and a modulation wheel would be nice but aren't really practical for such a small unit. For the price, I can't think of a better midi controller. I've used a few other small midi controllers but got annoyed with all of the wires I had to carry around to get it working properly with my computer. This one is one plug and done. No midi adapters, no power chords, no instrument wires, no pedals. It's small enough to just fit in with my laptop wherever I take it. It definitely has enough features to effectively produce some cool electronic music. I would buy this again if I needed another.