Bogner 1x12 Cube Closed Back
Bogner 1x12 Cube Closed Back

1x12 Cube Closed Back, 1x12 Guitar Cabinet from Bogner.

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LordRiffenstein 17/03/2011

Bogner 1x12 Cube Closed Back : Recensione di LordRiffenstein (content in English)

"Small package, HUGE tone"

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This review can be short: best 1x12 on the planet PERIOD

The only thing I do not like about these is the fact that I waited so long to get them!
I use these most of the time with a stereo rack setup. I bought them specifically to be used with that setup but have used them with Marshall heads and other stuff as well and they simply sound stellar.

The cabs are loaded with Celestion V30s and they are a match made in heaven. Thanks to the ported design, the cabs have a big punch, solid low end and great spread. I have them on the floor all the time and I can always hear myself perfectly with these. In the stereo setup, they give me a nice spread of the stereo fx resulting in a big tone. When I run one of my Marshalls thru one of them, they sound fantastic. I don't like V30s in all cabs but in the cubes they seem to be perfect. The cubes seem to work equally well for cleans and gain tones and can handled huge amount of gain without a problem.

I often get comments about the big sound coming from these speakers and soundguys LOVE them as they are so easy to mic up. SM57, E906, MD421 or more excotic microphones, they all work and sound stunning. For recording, use your favorite mic on them for instant tonal gratification. I usually take a SM57 or E609/906 to record them, doesn’t take a long time to find the sweet spot. For live, I usually take E906s, just out of the center of the speaker and you’ll have a nice crunchy tone.

I highly recommend these cabs, they sound great, the build quality is excellent. What more could you wish for? I protect mine with a set of covers from Studio Slips as I intent to use them untill I die…